Past Projects

Our previous projects include but are not limited to:
  • NC Museum of Art – Donor Table
  • Carl Regutti - Magnolia Exotica Sculpture
  • Fort Bragg – Vault Pass Through Doors
  • Baptist Men Manna Food Truck Tent Frame – Water Heater Racks and Adjustable Stairs
  • Wake Med Children’s Projector Enclosure
  • Floating Boat Docks
  • Aluminum Equipment Hoods
  • Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant Reactor Platforms – Cross Over Security Platforms
  • Nema Type Troughs and Enclosures
  • Hand Rails
  • Square to Rounds
  • Generator Platforms
  • Trash Chutes
  • Lockable Prison Outlet Covers
  • Wake County Justice Center – Includes: Stainless Steel Elevator Wrap, Bronze Hand Rails, Boiler Chase Flue, Stainless Steel Bollards, Misc. Stainless Steel and Steel
Floating Boat Dock

Floating Boat Dock

One of our customers came to us wanting to design and fabricate an Aluminum Floating Boat Dock with a low maintenance design. The aluminum construction consisted of an upper deck and diving platform, two boat slips, jet ski slip, and aluminum self adjusting hinged crossover ramp.
Day Lighting - Light Shelf

Day Lighting - Light Shelf

We worked in close conjunction with an architect to design and fabricate this light shelf system. It was installed in schools in NC, VA and New Orleans.

UNC Wind Tunnel

UNC graduate students came to us with the vision of making a wind tunnel. We were able to work from their concept and develop this wind tunnel assembly.

Platforms - Handrails - Stairs

We are able to design and fabricate platforms, handrails and stairs per application. We have fabricated platforms for generators, nuclear applications, cross over security fences, and cross over pipe platforms. Handrails were fabricated from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and bronze. We have constructed stairs to access existing generators, platforms, and trailers.

Wake County Justice Center

A contractor contacted us with many ideas in stainless steel and bronze to add to the new Court House. We fabricated the following for this project: Escalator wrap and under panels, stainless steel bollards, bronze hand rails in courtrooms, Court House sign base, and stainless steel handrails on the roof.

Radiation Tanks

These 10' Tall aluminum tanks are filled with water and are stack-able to make a radius wall. They are used at Shearon Harris and the tanks can be drained for lighter mobility.

Carl Regutti Magnolia Exotica

Sculptor Cark Regutti came to us with a vision and a model. We fabricated from his model and ideas. Made from stainless steel, we were able to provide him with his vision which is displayed in Chapel Hill.


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